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Multi-Purpose Skull

Clamp System

The DORO® Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp is the most versatile DORO® Skull Clamp, incorporating all beneficial features of the DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp. It can be set up for non-invasive or invasive procedures in adult as well as in paediatric cases.

  • Can accommodate Adult and Paediatric procedures

  • Invasive and Non-invasive options

3022.00     DORO® Multi-Purpose Clamp set Universal includes the following items:

Item No:   Description:

3006-00    DORO® Disposable Skull Pins, Adult (36pcs)
3006-10    DORO® Disposable Skull Pins, Pediatric (36pcs)
3020-01    DORO® Pin Holder Pediatric
3020-02    DORO® Gel Pad (2pcs)
3020-03    DORO® Head Support (without Gel Pads)
3020-50    DORO® Multi-Purpose Skull Clamp
3020-52    DORO® Extension Bar 90N/20lbs
3020-55    DORO® Single Pin Holder
3020-56    DORO® Pin Holder Adult
3020-61    DORO® Gel Head Ring with Base 90 mm (3pcs)
3020-62    DORO® Pin Holder Adjustable, Pediatric
3020-63    DORO® Gel Head Ring with Base 140 mm
3020-65    DORO® Adjustment Key
3020-68    DORO® Gel Ear Ring with Base 90 mm (2pcs)
3020-71    DORO® Trio Gel Pad (adjustable)
3020-001  DORO® Storage Case MPSC System

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