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1.5 mm Neuro
Plating System

Lorenz Plating System Neuro

The 1.5mm Neuro system provides a comprehensive titanium fixation solution for neurosurgery. This self-contained system conveniently stores all the necessary instruments and implants for a variety of neurosurgical procedures. It includes more than 25 different plating options, a variety of instruments and the 1.5mm HT self-drilling screw.

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Setting the Standard

1.5mm High Torque Self-Drilling Screws

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  • Provides maximum screw-blade retention.

  • Compatible with standard screwdrivers, Power Driver, and RapidFire delivery system.

RapidFire® Delivery System

  • Eliminates screw loading in the OR.

  • Provides the security of factory-loaded retention.

New 1.5mm

Plate Design

1.5mm plate.png
  • Provides lower overall plate-screw profile.

  • Compatible with 1.5mm high torque self-drilling screws.

Advanced Container Design:

  • Capacity to hold the large and pre-contoured mesh

  • Customisable to individual implant preference

The highlights of this system

In the O.R., where time is critical, this system offers surgeons simple, straightforward tools with all the options needed for fixation in neurosurgery.

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1.5mm High Torque Self-Drilling System exhibits:

  • 20 years of research and development

  • Maximum screw to blade retention

  • Increased screw torque capacity

  • Ergonomic screwdriver

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Largest Plate and Mesh Range:

Including specialty plates for:  

  • Retrosigmoid and Retromastoid approaches

  • Chiari decompression

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Product images

Featuring the 1.5mm system.

Learn more about the
1.5mm Neuro Plating System

Download our brochure to uncover what the 1.5mm Neuro Plating System includes.

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