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ViewSite Brain Access System

A revolutionary system that provides access and allows for visualisation of the surgical field during brain and spine surgery.


TWO questions that led to the creation of the VIEWSITE BRAIN ACCESS SYSTEM (VBAS):

There must be a better way to access surgical locations without unduly damaging surrounding tissue?

There must be a less invasive means to perform critical procedures, so that collateral trauma can be minimised and postoperative recovery accelerated?

VBAS was born of the desire to eliminate the need to “pull” on brain tissue as this is dangerous with current brain retractors that cause a high local retraction pressure distributed over a limited surface area. The VBAS was designed to eliminate any “pulling” on surrounding tissues in any direction. By their circumferential elliptical design as well as the hemispheric design, there is no need to pull in any direction whatsoever.

The highlights of this system

VBAS is simple in design and easy to use. The combination of ease of use, navigational capability and reliability will allow for increased surgeon comfort and confidence.

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Elliptical Shape

Distributes brain tissue evenly eliminating excess focal stress from blade retraction.

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Safe, Optically Clear Plastic

Helps visualise the  surrounding tissue, and excludes the risk of electrical burning in tissues since plastic devices don't transmit electrocautery energy.

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Introducer & Tube Design

Unique Introducer design allows for seamless entry and minimizes brain disruption and tissue trauma. The tube provides superior binocular vision of the surgical site.

Product images

Featuring the inoperative photographs and videos, VBAS design and sizing images.

Learn more about the
ViewSite Brain Access System (VBAS)

Download our brochure to uncover what the ViewSite Brain Access System includes.

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