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Clear-Line L
Lumbar Retractor System

  • Clear-Line | L Complete set:

    • Comprehensive set with ALL Available NSI Lumbar items

    • Includes all blade widths and lengths

    • Increased screw torque capacity

    • Includes 7 Gelphi hook options

  • Clear-Line | L Mini Complete set:

    • Covers most Lumbar applications

    • Includes only the 23mm wide blades

    • Customizable per surgeon preference and budget


  • Proprietary Innovations

    • Quick-Rail® Retractor Frame

      • Innovative curved rail design

      • Provides anatomically correct exposure

    • Quick-Lock® Blade adaptor

      • Quick/Simple blade attachment

    • Innovative Radiolucent Clear-Line L Blades

      • Unique blade composition - transparent Intra-operative scans

      • Colour-coded

    • Quick Release Handle

      • Aligns blade for fast/easy fixation time

    • Innovative Blade-Alignment Grove

    • Micro Discectomy Capability

    • 23mm, 46mm and 60mm Wide Blades

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