LactoSorb® Resorbable Fixation System

  • Made of clinically proven LactoSorb® material 
    • (82% Poly-L-Lactic Acid and 18% Poly-Glycolic Acid)

  • Indicated for: 

    • Craniotomy flap fixation

    • Pediatric reconstructive procedures

    • Infant craniofacial surgery

    • Pediatric mid-face and craniofacial trauma

    •  Brow-lift procedures

    • Orbital floor fractures

    • Bone-graft procedures in the mid-face, mandible or craniofacial skeleton

    • Trauma and reconstructive procedures of the midface or craniofacial skeleton, including:

      • frontal, parietal, temporal, sphenoid and occipital bones

    • Fractures of the maxilla, zygoma, zygomatic arch, orbital rim, frontal sinus wall, nasal, ethmoid and lacrimal bones

    • Iliac crest graft cover

    • Mandibular osteotomies

    • Tumor reconstruction in the mid-face or craniofacial procedures

    • Lefort fractures (I, II, III)


  • Eliminates the need for implant removal 

  • Total resorption in approximately one year

  • Decreases the possibility of growth restriction and screw migration in pediatric patients

  • First resorbable product cleared by the FDA for CMF fixation