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Resorbable Fixation System

An absorbable plating system.


The LactoSorb Resorbable Fixation System is a simplified surgical system designed to provide convenience to surgeons and O.R. staff while improving the overall efficiency of the surgical procedure. 


The science behind LactoSorb

LactoSorb is a fixation system made of completely resorbable material for guided bone regeneration. 

LactoSorb comprises of 82% L-lactic acid (PLLA) and 18% glycolic acid (PGA). This unique formulation incorporates the high strength properties of PGA with the intermediate absorption characteristics of PLLA to form a biocompatible, resorbable copolymer that retains over 80% of its mechanical strength during the first eight weeks of healing with complete mass loss occuring in 9 – 15 months.

Resorption in Approximately One Year or Less

At initial placement, LactoSorb is comparable to that of titanium plating and it retains approximately 70% of its strength at eight weeks, allowing for complete osseous union in the craniomaxillofacial skeleton.












70% Strength

At Eight Weeks



0        1         2        3        4         5        6        7        8         9       10       11        12

This graph shows that at the time of bone union, typically 8 week, LactoSorb plating still retains seventy percent of its initial strength¹.




1 Year

1. Pietrzak WS, Caminear DS, Perns SV. Mechanical Characteristics of an Absorbable Copolymer Internal Fixation Pin. J Foot and Ankle, Volume 41, 2002;379:388

Clincial Features

Made of clinically proven LactoSorb material 

(82% Poly-L-Lactic Acid and 18% Poly-Glycolic Acid).

Eliminates the need for implant removal.

Total resorption in approximately one year.

Decreases the possibility of growth restriction and screw migration in paediatric patients.

Indicated for:

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Craniotomy flap fixation.

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Craniotomy flap fixation.

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Paediatric reconstructive procedures. 

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Lefort fractures (I, II, III).

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Tumor reconstruction in the mid-face or craniofacial procedures

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Pediatric mid-face and craniofacial trauma.

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Brow-lift procedures.

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Orbital floor fractures.

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Bone-graft procedures in the mid-face, mandible or craniofacial skeleton.

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Mandibular osteotomies.

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Iliac crest graft cover.

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Fractures of the maxilla, zygoma, zygomatic arch, orbital rim, frontal sinus wall, nasal, ethmoid and lacrimal bones.

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Trauma and reconstructive procedures of the midface or craniofacial skeleton, including:

frontal, parietal, temporal, sphenoid and occipital bones.

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