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Lorenz Instrumentation

The 1.5mm Neuro system provides a comprehensive titanium fixation solution for neurosurgery. This self-contained system conveniently stores all the necessary instruments and implants for a variety of neurosurgical procedures. It includes more than 25 different plating options, a variety of instruments and the 1.5mm HT self-drilling screw.


In the O.R., where time is critical, this system offers surgeons simple, straightforward tools with all the options needed for fixation in neurosurgery.

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TraumaOne Set.png
  • 1.5mm High Torque Self-Drilling System exhibits:

    • 20 years of research and development

    • Maximum screw to blade retention

    • Increased screw torque capacity

    • Ergonomic screwdriver

  • Largest Plate and Mesh Range

    • Including specialty plates for:  

      • Retrosigmoid and Retromastoid approaches  

      • Chiari decompression


  • Advanced Container Design

    • Capacity to hold the large and pre-contoured mesh

    • Customisable to individual implant preference

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