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SternaLock® Blu MICS

Minimally Invasive Closure System 

SternaLock Blu MICS facilitates the approximation and fixation of mini-sternotomies and mini-thoracotomies.  Mini-sternotomy incisions have been increasingly used in a variety of cardiac surgical procedures to reduce surgical trauma and hasten patient recovery. 

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MICS features:

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The plates increase stability at the osteotomy site, while still allowing for minimally invasive access.

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The plates provide greater strength compared to wire closure.

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Plates are double-sided to facilitate placement.

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The plates ensures reduced sternal separation compared to wire closure.


Benefits of SternaLock® Blu MICS

Reduced post-operative bleeding and pain.


Lower risk of infection.


Better aesthetic results - reduced size of the scar.


Faster respiratory function recovery.


Learn more about the
SternaLock® Blu MICS System

Download our brochure to uncover what the SternaLock® Blu MICA System includes.

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