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Novel Dural Patch

An absorbable dural repair patch made of degradable material: poly-L-lactic acid and porcine gelatin. The NeoDura™ patch provides a temporary scaffold for migration and growth of dural cells and tissues. As the material degrades gradually, the new dural tissue regenerates and the defect is repaired.

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The dural patch is manufactured with absorbable materials: polylactic acid and porcine gelatin - emerging biomimetic technology.

The NeoDura™ patch offers high strength and excellent handling and conforming capabilities, as well as superior cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak resistance.

See below more performance characteristics: 



Physical barrier between brain tissue and the skull.
No adhesion occurred between brain tissue and the NeoDura™ patch after implementation.

Suture & Onlay

The NeoDura™ patch can be sutured on or applied as an onlay on the defect area - as per surgeon’s choice. 

The NeoDura™ patch is strong enough to hold the sutures, yet it can easily be hydrated by simply soaking in the saline. It work well in combination with soluble glues, such as Fibrin glue and PEG sealant.






Softer and more conformable after hydration. The NeoDura™ patch becomes transparent and blood vessels can be observed clearly.


Tearing Resistance

Mechanical property of dura tissue repaired by different materials, at 2,4 and 12 weeks post implantation. Results demonstrate high mechanical strength of NeoDura™.

The NeoDura™ patch material (polylactic acid and gelatin) has good mechanical properties like strength and resistance to traction. 

Rapid Regeneration

Optimised for implant-tissue integration. The microstructure of NeoDura™ resembles that of human dural mater, and the fibrous structure provides a temporary scaffold for the growth of dural cells, and promotes rapid repair and regeneration. 


Expected Clinical Benefits of Neodura™

Neodura™ can degrade gradually in the human body, then the new dural tissue regenerates.

Neodura™ can effectively repair the dural matter defects and reduce the incidence of CFS leakage.

Neodura™ materials has good biological performance with tissue, easy handling, good conformability, and good mechanical properties.

Intended Life Time

The NeoDura™ patch's intended life time is 1 year, considering the product is absorbed in the body within one year.

Learn more about theNeoDura™ Dural Repair Patch

Download our brochure to uncover what NeoDura™ includes.

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