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MMF System

An all-inclusive, adaptable MMF system.


The OmniMax system consists of arch bars, screws, and wires that work together to achieve temporary fixation of the maxilla and mandible to provide indirect or passive stabilisation of fractures and maintenance of occlusion in the oral and maxillofacial region.

OmniMax MMF system example in use

The OmniMax system provide surgeons, hospital staff and patients with several benefits:

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Reduced need for interdental wiring.

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Increased OR efficiency may occur due to shortened application/removal time.

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Minimised risk for penetrating wire-stick injury.

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Expanded application and removal options – procedure may be performed in a hospital or office setting.

The OmniMax system features:

Extended Screw Insertion Slots 

The elongated, semi-locking slotted arch bar allows for variability in screw placement for tooth root avoidance.

Type II Anodization

Arch Bars are Type II anodized to increase fatigue strength and offer a smooth surface that minimises sharp edges which may reduce patient irritation.

Adjustable,  Semi-Locking Technology

The unique arch bar and screw engage together to elevate the arch bar off the soft tissue and to help prevent gingival compression.

Adaptable MMF System

The system can be used as a stand-alone tray and is also compatible with the TraumaOne system. The outer container can be customised to house additional surgical instrumentation or implants.

Product images

Featuring the OmniMax MMF outer container, tray and arch bar.

Learn more about the
OmniMax MMF System

Download our brochure to uncover what the OmniMax MMF System includes.

Omnimax MMF brochure
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