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The OnPoint™ 

1.2mm Scope System

The OnPoint™ 1.2 mm Scope System provides minimally invasive visualization of the temporomandibular joint in the comfort and convenience of an office-based setting. The TMJ Arthroscope is a small tube-like camera that projects the image of the joint onto a monitor, allowing the surgeon to view the inside of the joint without invasive surgery.

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Product Overview
The system is designed to provide visualization for minimally invasive diagnostic and operative procedures.

Scope Hand-


An ergonomic hand-piece that incorporates a camera and a light source. The hand-piece has one cable to connect the hand-piece to the main unit, eliminating separate camera and light cords. The hand-piece has a button to capture still images and video recordings.

1.2mm Disposable Scope

The disposable, fiber-optic scope is approximately the size of an 18-gauge needle and is sterile packaged for single use. The scope snaps onto the hand-piece and features an integrated sterile hand-piece drape.

Disposable Instruments

A set of disposable instruments including a sterile single-use cannula, trocar, obturator, and cannula plug. The instrument components have a plastic bodies and stainless steel sheaths providing rigidity. 

The OnPoint™ System Utilizes:

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System hardware and software

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Disposable instrumentation: cannula, trocar, obturator and cannula plug.

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Disposable scope.

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System hand-piece.

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Procedure kit.

System Features
The system combines the function of an arthroscopy tower with the convenience of a laptop sized unit. 
The OnPoint™ system combines several essential surgical features into a single compact and portable package:

Xenon Fiber Optic

Light Source

A proprietary Xenon arc lamp incorporates an enhanced reflector, and delivers near 175-watt illumination performance for outstanding image quality.

Integrated Video Display with Multiple Outputs

The high-resolution 16cm LCD monitor combines the performance of the Xenon Fiber Optic Light Source and High Resolution Camera System to deliver a brilliant, high-resolution video image for clear detail recognition. Multiple output options allow the user to connect larger external image monitors, video printers and video recording devices.


Camera System

A 480-line digital camera with a proprietary single cable design to eliminate the complexity and cost of the old dual cable system approach.

Media Storage and Efficient Data Transfer

The system uses the universal CompactFlash® media format that enable users to quickly and conveniently document their procedures. User can connect directly to a computer via USB and use the system to browse captured media, or capture still images and video directly to your practice management software.

Physician VS. Patient Benefits

Physician Benefits

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Micro-Invasive: Only a single portal with a small puncture point is required for the procedure. The scope has an outside diameter of 1.2mm.

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Cutting Edge Technology: Direct, enhanced visualization of pathology. Video and audio capture capabilities.

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Active Diagnostic Tool: Provides visualization of the TMJ and can be used to clarify what is seen on an MRI. 

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Allow physician to determine a course of action during the patient’s consultation.

Patient Benefits

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Immediate results

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Only a local anesthetic is required

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Surgeon and patient are able to directly visualize the joint together and discuss possible treatment

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Pictures or models are used to confirm and understand what is seen

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Patient can be provided with video and pictures to share information obtained during the procedure

Product images

Featuring the OnPoint™ 1.2mm Scope System, the scope hand-piece, the disposable scope and instrumnets.

Learn more about the OnPoint™ 1.2 mm Scope System

Download our brochure to uncover what the e OnPoint™ Scope System includes.

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