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Precise Moulded

Cranioplasty Implant



Patient-matched cranial implants are a revolution in the repair of skull defects, providing benefits in safety, cosmesis and operating time.

3D printed moulds, optimized for neurosurgical use in South Africa, present multiple obstacles most significantly being high cost and long lead times, making it difficult for certain markets.

Our locally produced Precise Moulded Cranial Implant (PMCI) is designed to fill this gap. 


Our Virtual Surgical Planners design an implant that is patient-matched using the patients’ CT scan data. They 3D Print an autoclavable mould that is used to “produce” the patient moulded implant during surgery using dedicated cranioplasty cement.

PMCI Front Page.PNG
  • Quality Material

CE marked cranioplasty cement used to make an implant in an autoclavable/re-usable mould

  • Fast & Local Production

Our most efficient solution with an 8-day mould production cycle

  • Increased Patient Safety

The use of the PMCI mould avoids the cement's exothermic reaction occurring in situ

  • Patient-Specific Implant Design

3D design and reconstruction via CT scan data for a patient-matched implant

  • Pre- and Post-op Considerations

Cutting guides make single-stage surgery possible.  The CE marked cranioplasty cement is radiolucent

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