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SternaLock® 360

For patients with poor bone health.

The SternaLock® 360 Sternal Closure System approximates, compresses, and rigidly fixates the sternum. Each implant is a plate and band combination that provides 360-degree compression of the sternum. With a wider band, the SternaLock 360 system reduces sternal cut-through and helps provide a lasting solution for patients with normal and poor bone quality.

SternaLock® 360 features:

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Combines the techniques of rigid fixation with a cerclage material into a single sternal closure system.

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Indicated for use in the stabilisation and fixation of fractures of the sternum including sternal fixation following sternotomy and sternal reconstructive procedures, to promote fusion.

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The cerclage material serves to facilitate sternal approximation, and the plates and screws serve to provide rigid fixation and prevent sternal movement and separation.

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The SternaLock 360 system reduces sternal cut through and helps provide a lasting solution.

SternaLock® 360 vs Wires

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Clinical Outcomes: SternaLock 360 vs. Wires

  • Increased mechanical stability

  • Increased strength

  • Reduced sternal separation

  • Reduced sternal cut through

  • Promotes fusion in patients with normal and poor bone

3 Month CT Scan Using Wire Closure for Sternum.png

3 Month CT Scan Using Wire Closure.


Benefits of SternaLock® 360

SternaLock 360 is stronger than wire cerclage in an osteoporotic model.

The cerclage band is more effective at maintaining sternal compression compared to wire cerclage.

SternaLock 360 can withstand higher loads compared to wire cerclage for a prolonged period of time.

Legacy studies | Patient information

Explore whitepapers and legacy studies on sternal fixation. Using Zimmer Biomet products.

SternaLock® Blu & SternaLock® 360 Research

The Right Sternal Closure System for Each Patient.

The SternaLock® 360 Study

Advanced Sternal Closure Combining Rigid Plate Fixation with Band Cerclage.

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Product images

Featuring SternaLock® 360 plate implants, instrumentation and in-use images.

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SternaLock® 360 System

Download our brochure to uncover what the SternaLock® 360 System includes.

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