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ThinFlap Plating System

In addition to our standard Neuro Plating System, we are proud to offer the ThinFlap Plating System. Half the profile of our standard plates, the ThinFlap system features an industry-leading 0.3mm plate profile.


The decreased profile reduces plate palpability and may increase patient satisfaction. The ThinFlap plating system is available in both a conventional storage tray and SterileTrac™, our sterile packaged delivery system.


Indications Indicated for oral and craniomaxillofacial procedures including:


  • Reconstructive procedures

  • Revision procedures


ThinFlap Advantages:

  • Industry-leading 0.3mm plate profile

  • Minimal or no plate palpability

  • Available in a standard tray or sterile packaged delivery system

Thin Flap Front.JPG
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