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Aluminium Headrest System

The DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp provides 3-pin rigid cranial fixation and features the latest generation of QuickRail®.

Designed with straight and upright proportions, the QR3 offers more Quick-Rail® space than all its predecessors.

Furthermore, the improved Quick-Rail® design makes it easier to connect accessories, even through multiple layers of sterile drape. 

  • Superior build quality provides minimum possible play and ensures greater stability

  • Unique straight DORO®  Side Rails create increased working space, specifically when prone


  • QR3 Quick-Rail® technology for quick connection of the DORO LUNA®, DORO COBRA® and other accessories


  • DORO® Mix & Match - interchangeable with DORO® Radiolucent Base Units and Adaptors


  • Navigation ready for Medtronic, Brainlab & Styker®

1001.100    DORO®  Aluminium Cranial Stabilization includes the following items:


Item No:       Description:

1001.001       DORO® QR3 Aluminium Skull Clamp
3001-00         DORO® Aluminium Adjustable Base Unit
3002-00         DORO® Aluminium Swivel Adaptor

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